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We Have Over 60,000 Karaoke Tracks In Our Archives Covering All Eras. From The Music Hall Tunes Of The 20's, Through The Rock 'n' Roll Of The 50's & 60's, The Unmistakeable 70's 80's & 90's And Of Course The Best In Chart, R&B And Dance Music Of The 00's And Beyond.


The Best Of Music Hall

Some Of The Best Sing-Along Tunes From The 1900's

There's Nothing Like A Bit Of R'n'R

Gerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Fats Domino. All The Great Rock 'n' Roll Artists.

Everybody Knows Something Form The 70's To The 90's

"Even If You Didn't Grow Up Listening To This Geat Music, I Bet You Still Know All The Tracks. 

All The Charts From Today

Yes, We Have The Lot....................

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